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Greetings from Myfanwy!
Linn (skinner02 at writes:
>Well it has been my understanding although Lacis is nowadays darned on

>machine made or shuttle made ground, it was also made on needle knotted

>ground in the historic past. 
I'm not quite sure what you mean by "needle knotted ground".  Could you
What I have seen historically is either netted grounds (made with a shuttle)
or drawn thread grounds.  I don't know how early the netted grounds were
embroidered (_Traditional Icelandic Embroidery_ shows a fragment that may
date to the 15th century) but the HMSO book _Textiles and Clothing_ shows
plain netted silk hairnets that are from late 13th and early 14th century
deposits, and mentions (but does not show) a 13th century German one that
does sound like it has lacis embroidery on it.  The drawn thread ground
pieces I have seen -- tablecloths and altar frontals seem to all be later,
mostly 17th century
Lady Myfanwy ferch Rhiannon
mka Ruth Morrisson
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