HNW - Sweet bags

Lisa A. Tyson CS23001 at MAINE.MAINE.EDU
Thu Oct 9 14:15:04 PDT 1997

I have a really basic question-

I have seen several examples of Elizabethan Era "sweet bags" in books
(sometimes they have a little pin cushion square, sometimes not).

Having only ever seen one side in these photos, does anyone know if
the other side (backside) was embroidered?  If so, was it with the
same pattern?

I've always gone under the assumption of symmetry on the other side.
I have seen some designs which 'wrap around' text along the upper
portion of the bag (as drawings in an old needlework book).

This is more of a trivia question to understand what was normally done
in that time period.  I assume symmetry in design (or a complementary
design on the other side).  Is this correct?  A more modern adaptation
of a pattern might only ask for one side to be embroidered.

- -- Lisa Tyson

( SCA: Lady Bryn Millar)


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