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Thu Oct 9 18:24:21 PDT 1997

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> From: Lisa A. Tyson asks of sweet bags:> 

> Having only ever seen one side in these photos, does anyone know if
> the other side (backside) was embroidered?  If so, was it with the
> same pattern?

I have seen one side of a few dozen period sweet bags with and without
pincushions...I've seen both sides of about 6.  There seem to be varying
choices by the stitchers/designers.  Some as you note have script that
wraps right around the piece and the designs continue from one side to the
other as well; some have a powdering of small motifs over the entire
surface (back and front) and some have free standing motifs on back and
front.  I have seen only two examples of free standing motifs and of them
one had a complimentary design on each side (floral) and the other had
duplicate designs front and back.

I think it must have been a very individual decision.


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