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janis jesa at
Thu Oct 9 20:27:49 PDT 1997

Greetings All:  Thank you to all who replied regarding the questions
I had about beaded fringes and beadwork on fabrics. It was much
appreciated.  Unfortunately, it appears that not many people are
involved or interested in fabric beadwork or the history.  It seems that
I am doing more and more each day and would love to involve more people
in my madness!!! As a reminder to the good member who suggested I look
great Russian books in my library - I live in a fairly small community
that does not have good reference libraries - DRAT - and I feel research
lost most times. That is why I appeal to all here. I find I do need help
on this project. Any early Celtic/Norse beadwork on clothing research,
and then Byzantine beadwork and beaded fringing or 700 to 1500 AD
beadwork or beaded fringing would be greatly appreciated.  I am working
on the beadwork and fringing anyway but it would be so lovely to be able
to research and document what I am doing.  Thank you so much.
                                      Sine     (jesa at

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