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/I've been keeping an look-out for bead-decorated clothing during the
/earlier Medieval period for quite a while now (10+ years) and have uncovered
/only a very small handful of examples.
I found mostly byzantine and liturgical examples

/The instances I -did- find usually involved small pearls or amber. That
/large red coronation mantle of (I'm drawing a blank on the name -- Roger
/II?) that shows a tiger attacking a camel, and palm trees -- if you
/can find a close-up of the pattern, you'll discover that the white edging
/around all the lines is actually seed pearls, and the gold colour is
/either gold tube beads or some sort of gold bullion/cord. (Wasn't clear
/from the photo.)

cool! am working on a cloak based on that one and didn't have a clear
enough picture for me to tell

/There's a belt from a Spainish tomb (14th or 15th C, I believe) which is
/decorated with small heater (shield) shapes with heraldic devices worked
/in glass seed-beads.

>From several biographies of people in the Italian ren (specifically late
1400's) I saw references to beaded garments being made for any dog and
pony show occasion. I have yet to see physical proof (for the beads were
probably gleaned when the garment was no longer usable) or painted
/There are, of course, all those Elizabethan gowns embellished with pearls.

and jet and diamonds and saphires and emeralds and occaisionally fresh water
pearls. Oh yes and don't for get the spangles.

/There are also some examples of Eastern European seed-beading on parchment
/-- images of saints and such. But that's not clothing.

I think that there are more people interested in beading on garments than
you may be aware of or at least there seems to be here in Ansteorra
where we have Mistress Kasilda the bead goddess.**I am not worthy**

I have seen pictures of 15C Jewish women's wedding garments made with 
silver spangles also and it seems to be a big part of that tradition by
that time period from the way the author describes it.(Dowery like stuff).

Lorraine DeerSlayer


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