HNW - Re: Beading

J. L. James rowan at
Fri Oct 10 00:57:11 PDT 1997

I don't have a lot of experience in historic bead research, but
beading is an medium that I work in - that and wire wrapping.  

I would recommend 'The History of Beads - from 30,000 BC to the
Present' by Lois Sherr Dubin [ISBN0-8109-0736-4]an excellent start. 
It's recently been rerealised in both hard back and soft trade
edition.  The softback does not contain all the material as the
original - it runs around $30.00, I believe.  The hardback is by far
the better by, especially for research.  I no longer remember exactly
what I paid for it but the high 2-digits to low 3-digits feels about

Hope this might help.

Dame Rowan, OP
An Tir

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