HNW - Beaded Sweet bags and beading

Conny Fitzsimmons lifitz at
Mon Oct 13 11:53:41 PDT 1997


One of the places this beaded bag appears is in the Shire publication #57
on page 5 are two pictures one of a bag with acorns and a message that says
Here it is hit or miss.  The message is on the top edge just below the holes
that hold the drawn string.  The bag  is made up of beads stitched on
canvas.  and was made between 1630 and 1640.

The other bag has a tree with acorns and birds and flowers.  The saying
arount the top is  I pray to God to be my guide 1634.

Both bags are English.
Catherine Lorraine

Kathryn said:
>I have actually seen (in a book) some beaded ones -- with little acorn
>motifs. I mean, the entire bag was beaded, as if done on a beading loom.

Ohh, Ohhh, Ohhh - do you have a reference for this? Was it embroidered on
fabric or woven? It sounds wonderful!  I'm interested in *any* period
beadwork references anyone knows of.


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