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At 12:01 10/13/97 -0700, Catherine LOrraine wrote:
>The American Title is " A POictorial History of Embroidery.   I was lucky
>enough to find a copy about 1 1/2 years ago.  The darn thing is very
>expensive as everyone now wants a copy.  The book sold for $450.00  us

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I am one of those who absolutely drools over this book and would love to
own one (if I could find a copy and afford it.)  Unfortunately, the last
copy I had access to was a library copy which someone had gone through and
sliced out all the pages AND description that referred to medieval
materials.  The library will probably replace the missing pages with
photocopies.  But the will be black and white and just a shadow of what the
book formerly had. :[

Friends of mine in the library business tell me it is fairly common for art
books, but it angers me that one of us may have done something like this
(look at the choice of what was removed.)  I hope I'm wrong.

Anyway.  This is something that has angered me for several months now and I
had to comment on it.  I still want a copy because the details on all the
embroideries was astounding -- stitches used, colors, time and place and, I
believe, where the pieces are now housed.  To me it was one of the best
pieces of secondary documentation as I cannot hope to visit all the museums
I would like.

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