HNW - Baltimore Museum of Art: Field trip, anyone?

Dick Eney dickeney at
Thu Oct 16 07:54:17 PDT 1997

On Thu, 16 Oct 1997, Jacquie Samples wrote:

> I, too, would like to know more about the exhibit.  Do you know if the
> museum has an exhibit catalogue for sale?  One with pictures maybe?  I'd
> still like the "gory details", even if a catalogue is available.

Especially since the catalogue doesn't always give the details _I'm_
interested in.  I took about 15 pp worth of notes on one garmet at the
Textile Museum exhibit and if I could have gotten just a little closer
I'd've had another 6 or 7 pages to do (variant patterns on same garment).
The label on the garment (no catalog) said what century and probably
country it was from and what museum owned it.  Eyewitness accounts are
good to have.


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