HNW - Baltimore Museum of Art: Field trip, anyone?

Danine Cozzens danine at
Wed Oct 15 19:35:24 PDT 1997

	Do I understand correctly, the exhibit will come to San Francisco but
not including the needlework (sigh)?  What you saw sounds like something
Sally Norton would love for the _Costumers Quarterly_; of course I want
to publicize anything local in the _Scribe_. 

	Danine Cozzens
	Editor, Costumers Scribe 
	Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild

David & Erin Moody wrote:
> I was lucky enough to be in Baltimore to see the Needlework exhibit.  If
> anyone wants the gory details of the exhibit (full descriptions of all the
> pieces) then let me know.
> Erin
> moody at
> At 11:35 AM 10/15/97 -0500, you wrote:
> >I'm repeating the old message for those who have joined the list and
> >would want to know which exhibit I'm talking about.
> >
> >Karen Green wrote:
> >
> >> Lo and behold, at the Baltimore Museum of Art, they have the following
> >> exhibit listed:
> >>
> >> Through FEBRUARY 15
> >> In Prayse of the Needle : English Needlework from the 17th-19th
> >> Centuries
> >>
> >> To coincide with A Grand Design: The Art of the Victoria and Albert
> >> Museum, the exhibition of major holdings from one of London's great
> >> museums, The Baltimore Museum of Art presents an exhibition of British
> >> needlework. Select objects, drawn entirely from the BMA's fine textile
> >> collection, include approximately two dozen embroidered works of
> >> primarily English origin dating from the 17th through the 19th
> >> centuries. Featured are examples of raised work pictures (formerly
> >> termed "stumpwork"), samplers, pictorial silk embroideries, and objects
> >> decorated with crewelwork (embroidered in woolen threads). Subject
> >> matters of these delicate textiles range from biblical and pastoral
> >> narratives to floral designs.
> >
> >And then later wrote:
> >
> >> You too are in luck:  the exhibit (along with the general V&A travelling
> >> exhibit which it accompanies) will be visiting museums in Boston,
> >> Toronto, Houston, and San Francisco before returning to London in
> >> October 1999.  :)
> >
> >
> >I checked with the Baltimore museum to find out when this was coming to
> >Houston.  The general V&A exhibit will be at the Houston Museum of Fine
> >Arts Oct 98 - Jan 99.  The needlework exhibit is *NOT* travelling with
> >it.  So if you're interested in this and in Baltimore...  *SIGH*
> >
> >--Charlene
> >=====================================================================


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