HNW - pound/dollar

Donna Hrynkiw donna at Kwantlen.BC.CA
Thu Oct 16 14:23:17 PDT 1997

On Thu, 16 Oct 1997 it's not important who wrote:
> Correct, it is exactly 1 pound = $1.6195

Is that a Canadian dollar, a US dollar, or an Australian dollar?

Please remember that this is an international mailing list.

1 British Pound = 2.2382 Canadian dollars
                = 1.6186 US dollars
                = 2.2036 Australian dollars

(As of 2:15pm PDT, 16 Oct 1997.)

My apologies to residents of Bahama, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Brunei,
the Cayman Islands, Fiji, Guyana, Hong Kong, Jamaica, Liberia, Namibia,
New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Trinidad/Tobago, and Zimbabwe -- who also
count their currencies in 'dollars'.

Donna Hrynkiw
Amazing the things we're learning on this list, isn't it?
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