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There's also a cuff from a dalmatic sleeve I've seen in a few books
(Staniland's _Embroiderers_ from the "Medieval Craftsmen" series, p. 46, has
a nice sized color photo) that is said to be from the same workshops as Roger
II's cloak.  It has seed pearls outlining the motifs, which are filled in,
according to the caption, with "minute gold tubes".  Around the edge of the
cuff are larger enamelled plaques, but I can't tell how they're attached.
I have a small hand and wrist; judging from when I hold my hand next to that
picture, I think it's fairly close to actual size, which makes the plaques at
least 1-1/8 inch long and about half an inch wide or so.  The seed pearls are
probably 2 mm size (in modern terms); the tubes look much smaller than what
you would normally buy as bugle beads today.
Lady Myfanwy ferch Rhiannon
mka Ruth Morrisson
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