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Dick Eney dickeney at
Sat Oct 18 06:55:30 PDT 1997

On Thu, 16 Oct 1997, I wrote:
> Richart Rutt is of the opinion that the pillows in the Spanish cemetery

Aargh... I blew it.  I have got to get my own copy of Rutt...
He actually said that the pillows are likely to have been round knitted.
It was pg. 37, about an Egyptian fragment, that he said that the "mixture
of stranding and intarsia argues strongly for this group of fabrics having
been knitted flat, on two needles."  And pg. 39, caption 32, "Reverse of
Egyptian fragment showing that the work was knitted flat, not in the
round." - the latter being a much stronger statement than what he said in
the text.

And he never claimed that purl was unknown before the 16th century, only
that it apparently wasn't used for damask-style texture patterning until

But my question still applies:

> ...the natives of the Andes
> routinely knit with stranded colors in stitch counts just as fine,
> in the round.  What possible difference is there that could 
> argue that stranded knitting had to be done in the flat? 

Thank you all for your polite response to my idiocy.

=Tamar (sharing computer dickeney at


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