HNW - h-needlework and beads, a plea

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Sat Oct 18 19:40:37 PDT 1997


For those of you who are close enough, the Mingei International Musuem of
Folk Art, San Diego, CA has a magnificient bead exhibt running through
11/2.  There are beads from all over the world as well as many examples of
the many ways beads have been used.

I have no further info than that, so please don;t write wanting to knw if
it is traveling exhibit or not.  I have NO idea.  Call the musuem at


Please when you are responding to another lister's email, would you please
edit out the irrelevant parts?  I have no desire to be rude here, but I
really don;t need to see headers and sigs repeated.  Nor do I need to see
the entire post all over again. And I sincerely doubt that I am alone I
this.  Some of you quote messages that are buried within messages buried
within messages. Thanks for listening.

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