HNW - Middle Eastern Textiles

Laura Barwick laurab at
Sun Oct 19 04:18:04 PDT 1997

Hi Everyone!
I'm interested in finding out more about Middle Eastern beadwork and
textiles, can you suggest any good sources? I'm not focusing on any
particular period (or even place) yet. I'm a fairly experienced beadworker,
but the ME is a new area of interest for me, so forgive me if I sound
naive. Any suggestions for a starting point would be much appreciated. I'm
particularly interested in Shisha (mirror) embroidery or beadwork.

Can you point me towards:
1)Traditional colours?
2)Traditional designs/motifs?
3)Things I should avoid?
4)Any good books?

This list is a wonderful resource, and I'd like to thank all those generous
folks who contribute their time and knowledge.

      Laura Barwick
      Canberra, ACT, Australia
      laurab at


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