HNW - definition of crochet, and more

Dick Eney dickeney at
Sun Oct 19 10:41:01 PDT 1997

On Tue, 30 Sep 1997, Larry Anderson & Diane Hare wrote:
> ...when I first posted to this newsgroup, I asked "Is crochet defined
> by the process or by the product?"  I don't believe the question, which
> was prompted by the fact the chain, slipstitch, single-crochet, etc. can
> be produced by "pins" (knitting needles), by hooks (hence the term
> "crochet"), or by pushed eyes (similar to a toothbrush handle) has yet
> been specifically addressed. 
> If we were to support a definition-by-process, I would suggest "Crochet
> is preformed without a loom or frame, without eyed needles, without
> multiple pins, with but a SINGLE hooked stick (crochet) or hooked pin. 
> Hibrida Longhair
> Diane Hare/MS.HARE foxnhare at San Andreas,CA snotmyfault  

I am now considering building a time machine. :)

I just bought a book, _Traditional Arts And Crafts In Yugoslavia_ by
Nikola Pantelic (publ. 1984 simultaneously in English, German, and
Serbo-Croatian, by Yugoslavia Public, Belgrade. no ISBN) - it has a
two-page spread in color of traditional Yugoslavian knitted socks, and
both the caption and the tiny amount of accompanying text refer to socks
being "knitted either on five needles or one needle."   _ONE_ needle?
They don't show or mention the needles, but I have to assume that they
mean hooked-ended ones and that one-needle knitting is done in a form of



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