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>I would be interested in hearing about any good sources for this, 
>On Sun, 19 Oct 1997, Laura Barwick wrote:
>> Hi Everyone!
>> I'm interested in finding out more about Middle Eastern beadwork and
>> textiles, can you suggest any good sources?

Greetings! Me, too! I do know of a couple of good resources. I was 
trying to find out the exact names, but I can't find my notebook! We 
moved this summer, and then went to Pennsic. I took a class there on ME 
garb that had superb references. The teacher recommended looking for 
books on the various empires in the area. For instance, Suliman the 
Magnificent. There were incredibly beautiful paintings done of court 
life. Also, on a more archaeological note (my personal fave) the 
British costume journal is superb. They take actual garments, give you 
measured drawings of the pieces used to construct them, any historical 
details that are known, and very detialed pictures and desriptions of 
embroideries, etc. The US has a costume journal ,too, but apparently it 
is not as good. If anyone knows the exact names of these journals I'd 
love to get them again. I know the notebook will surface eventually, 

Irene Davis
SCA: Eirny Thorvaldsdottir

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