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The question has been asked:  But the natives of
>the Andes routinely knit with stranded colors in stitch counts just as
>fine, in the round.  What possible difference is there that could "prove"
>that stranded knitting had to be done in the flat?

Well, aside from the fact that I know plenty of knitters to whom purling is
equal to the tortures of the damned, stranded knitting can be done either
flat or in the round.  I have no idea how the Andeans knit and I will take
your word for it that they knit those items in the round using purl

However, I would point out that it is possible to do the same thing on
circular or douple pointed needles.  One can have the purl side facing the
knitter while the knit uses a knit stitch.  It's just a question of having
the work inside out.  Most knitters knit with the knit side out when they
knit circularly.  Some knitters, on the other hand, knit with the purl side
of the work facing them and the knit side of the work inside the circualr
knitting, whether on circs or DP's.

So, while this does nothing to establish when the purl stitch became known,
or how anyone knit anything in history, it does establish that stranded
knitting can be done in the round and it can be done flat.

Hope this helps.

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