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Sun Oct 19 21:25:31 PDT 1997

Dear Eowyn-

Linn Skinner referred me to an article in the Nov/Dec 1995 issue of
"Piecework". There is an article called 'Norweigan Hardanger:Tradition and
Transformation", by Nancy Nehring.. The author does indeed state that 
hardanger work originated around 1650. That's it, though. Just a bald
statement with no proofs, documentation, or sources. It's possible that one
of the books in her bibliography has better documentation, but nothing was
said in the article. Perhaps since Ms. Nehring was writing a magazine
article, she thought that the readers would not be very interested in it's
exact historical origin??  

I wouldn't accept this article is "proof" hardanger was done within
SCA-period, any more than Mary Gostelow's assertation that it was late 18th
century in origin. However,  Ms. Gostelow has written several books
(including one on blackwork), visited museums all over the world and is an
author who has written about international needlework. I'm still waiting
for better proof , with more "oomph" behind it.

- --Kathryn
SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn
"too many centuries...too little time"

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