HNW - HNW: Example - Beadwork in 16th cent. embroidery

Kim Salazar Kim_Salazar at BayNetworks.COM
Mon Oct 20 13:46:52 PDT 1997


Thinking on the discussion here of a couple of weeks ago I went back and
looked through my (limited) library to see if I had any nice illustrations
of embroideries from the 1500s that featured beadwork.

I found a rarely-seen example in a catalog of European decorative arts in
the collection of the Hermitage Museum, Russia. This particular sample is
listed as a "Panneau" from France (16th Century); acquired by the Museum in
1923.  It's a work on silver silk brocade, done in gold and ornamented by
seed beads of coral.  It's exquisite.  The original illustration is a
two-page spread.  I've scanned a tiny portion and made it available on my
Web page.

To get there, go to

and press the cross-stitch shaped button under my name.  If you scroll to
the bottom of the page, you'll find a link for the photo scan and to a scan
of the book's French version of the accompanying annotation.  (With my
rudimentary High School French I wouldn't presume to translate the thing.)

Pending Sprynet's cooperation I should have the photo, annotation and links
up by tomorrow morning.  Apologies if you visit before it's ready.


Kim Salazar
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