HNW - Durer's smocked shirt

GarFairies GarFairies at
Wed Oct 22 09:05:15 PDT 1997

As the original requestor for smocking information I wish to thank you Kathryn
for all of your information.   I really appreciate it.  Do you know of any
earlier sources of paintings or is the list you gave complete?  I have been
doing research and one lady from the Smocking Arts Guild mentioned that she
had seen a photograph of a jacket with smocking from a Danish bog that had
been dated 1175 BC! 

I'm working on a newsletter for smocking detailing the history beyond the
standard basic yoke dresses and bishop dresses that are seen on children's
clothing today and am looking for different ways at looking at it.  So any
information is greatly appreciated and of course credit will be given.

Thank you,
Beth-Katherine Kaiman

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