HNW - more ? about beading

Cynthia Long keltia at
Tue Oct 21 23:12:45 PDT 1997

I have been eagerly reading the posts on beading.
I have newly arrived here on the list so hope that
my question isn't a repeat.  

My persona is 14th century.  I was wondering, from
what I can tell from drawings, there is some kind
of decoration used as a "trim".  But I can't tell
what was actually used.  Whether it was a woven
braid or trim or if beads were used.  I love to
sew and bead and would love to know if this
method would have been used in the 14th century.

Any ideas?


Merouda the True of Bornover
Barony of Madrone
Kingdom of An Tir
keltia at


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