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Wed Oct 22 16:38:04 PDT 1997

Dear Beth-Katherine:

I'm glad you found my off the cuff information of use -- I literally just
used my memory and pulled a few books off my shelves. Believe me, I am no
expert on this subject! It's just that various SCA folk have been making
claims over many years that modern smocking is period, and at times I just
want more documentation! Believe me -- check out German and Flemish
paintings of the Renaissance and you will see it here and there. Lady
Mathilde (Hi,Mathilde!) drew my attention to an amazing painting by Cranach
showing a Shameless Hussy whose entirer chemise bodice was gathered in rows
of what is defininte smocking, but there was plenty of "white space" in
- -between the rows.

 It really  helps if you're near a big library with research stacks, or a
university. You probably won't find much if you look under "smocking". I
used to be very interested in English smocking (those smocks, you know) and
accumulated about 7 books on them, but I assume you've already looked into

Is there anyone else on the list with expertise on this subject who can
help her out?

- --Kathryn
SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn
"too many centuries..too little time"

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