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Donna Hrynkiw donna at Kwantlen.BC.CA
Thu Oct 23 14:41:09 PDT 1997

Greetings from Donna,

On Thu, 23 Oct 1997, janis wrote:
> I have been wishing to learn tambour embroidery for some
> years but have been unable to find any of the special needles with the
> tiny hook at the end.
> Thank you -  Sine

Now where was I recently that I saw an ad for "tambour hooks"?

It may have been the most recent issue of Piecework or at one of the
needlework websites that I visited recently.

Lacis in Berkeley almost certainly carries them. (See below.)

(Pussywillow Lace here in Vancouver used to carry them, but of course
they're closed.)

The two main characteristics that make a tambour hook different from a
crochet hook are that the point is a lot sharper on a tambour hook, and
the throat is much deeper and shaped to hold the thread closer.

A quick search on the WWW shows that they're available from
Snowgoose - 1880 So. Pierce #4, Lakewood, Co 80232 (set of three sizes,
handle and instructions for $17.50).

Lacis has a book called "Indian Chain Stitch" by Marie Peacey (which includes
beadwork -- bonus for Sine!, applique, mirror work and using tabmour hook
and needle. $12US)

3163 Adeline Street
Berkeley, CA 94703

FAX: (510) 843-5018    PHONE: 510-843-7178 Mon-Fri 9:00AM - 6:PM PST
E-MAIL: staff at

Code   Description                   Wt.  Retail
LB21 * Tambour 3-Needle Set, Brass Hndl 14.00
LB79 * Tambour 3-Needle Set, Plastic Hndl .2 17.50
EM002  Tambour Needle, Rosewood;x-fn,fn,med,lg /ea 14.00
DU05 * Tambour Needle: #70, .030" Sh/Lg 3.00
DU10 * Tambour Needle: #80,.032" Sh/Lg 3.00
DU06 * Tambour Needle: #90, .036" Sh/Lg 3.00
DU07 * Tambour Needle:#100,.040" Sh/Lg 3.00
DU08 * Tambour Needle:#110,.045" Sh/Lg 3.00
DU16 * Tambour Needle; #120, .048" Sh/Lg 3.00
DU17 * Tambour Needle; #130, .052. Sh/Lg 3.00
DU03 Tambour Needle, Hardwood; fancy 10.00
DU09 * Tambour Needle Handle, Wood 21.00


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