HNW - Tambour help

Sharron Fina sfina at
Fri Oct 24 07:36:55 PDT 1997


I used a piece of deep red velvet.  I wanted to try it for a vest I saw
and wanted to duplicate (they wanted ENTIRELY too much for it).  I traced
the test pattern on with a chalk pencil and just followed it. I first
tried the embroidery chain stitch but I couldn't keep it even enough for
my liking, and I felt if I did a large area there would be ends
everywhere, also not to my liking.  That's when I decided I try
reinventing tambour work.  While working, I found turning the hook so it
fit in the "hole" on an angle and putting a slight pressure toward the
back of the hook while I pulled the thread through made it easier.  Once
you get the feel of it, it becomes quite rhythmic.

Unfortunately, the vest is still in the "when I've got time on my hands
and absolutely nothing to do" pile, along with my bi-colored, cartridge
pleated German Ren gown. I have all the materials and the pattern ready to
go. ): 


> "too many centuries..too little time"

I love this line! 


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