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 Greetings All:  I have a serious request for help.  I am very interested
 in Tambour embroidery. 
 Anyway, I would like to know history of 
 tambour - if anyone knows where I can find the special needles - and
 any good books relating to the subject.  Thank you -  Sine >>

Oh, such timing! The new _Piecework_ has an article on exactly this subject
(came yesterday). Includes a source list for needles, but not books:

Beggars Lace, PO box 481223, Denver, CO 80248; 
The Lacemaker, 4602 Mahoning Ave NW Ste. C, Warren, OH 44483;
Lacis, 3163 Adeline St., Berkeley, CA 94703.

Another technique I really mean to look into, some day . . .

Jo Anne


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