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Mike Newell 72123.411 at
Sun Oct 26 17:43:11 PST 1997

Dear Triste-

Did you get the new job? The one with human hours? 

I am now the happy possessor of *all* the Kathleen Epstein books, and even
feel a twinge of temptation towards attempting double running. If I were
not months behind starting lacis and reticella, that is.....

I am currently tacking another motif for the "Goodwyn Hangings" -- at some
point in the future to be a major motion, no, a minor pamphlet
or article! I wish I knew why a designer would chose to include faded
colors (I am not making this up). Sometimes I just get tired of working on
my book and want to look at Future Stuff. I will probably end up
re-charting some of these designs. I also hope to use some color pictures
of some of the Oxburgh Hangings motifs to chart up and do for my own

Alas, the new Tournaments Illuminated came and my Assissi article was not
in it. Oh, well -- the editor did say probably by the end of the year, so
maybe the Winter issue?

Do you get to do your needlework at all, with such a schedule?

Take care and keep in touch,

SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn
"too many centuries..too little time"

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