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Hello from Donna Hrynkiw,

I have an abiding interest in early (to the end of the 18th C.) needlework
pattern books and love to collect facsimile reproductions. 

I'm looking to extend my collection. Here's what I have or know about, can
anyone add to the list? I'm looking for books that are reasonably easy to
get ahold of -- ones that are in print, or recently out-of-print. Offers
of photocopies of difficult-to-find volumes gratefully accepted. :-)
Also pointers to books -about- old pattern books.

Nuw Modelbuch, allerley Gattungen Dantelschnur (1561) by R.M.
   published as "Fascinating Bobbin Lace" by Claire Burkhard
   Paul Haupt, Bern, 1986, ISBN 3-258-03610-1
Le Pompe, 1559 - Patterns for Venetian Bobbin Lace by Santina Levey
   Ruth Bean, Bedford, 1983, ISBN 0-903585-16-2 (Now published by Dover)
Corona delle Nobili et Virtuose Donne (1617) by Cesare Vecellio
   published as "Pattern Book of Renaissance Lace (1617)"
   Dover, 1988, ISBN 0-486-25828-9
Singuliers et nouveaux Pourtraicts (pour toutes sortes d'ouvrages de
Lingerie), 1587 by Federico Vinciolo
   published as "Renaissance Patterns for Lace, Embroidery and Needlepoint"
   Dover, 1971, ISBN 0-486-22438-4
Newes Modelbuch by Johan Sibmacher
   Dover, 1975, ISBN (missing from my list). (I can't believe this is
   all I have on my list for this book -- I'll have to go back and check.)   

An Anonymous Woman - Her Work Wrought in the 17th Century by Kathleen
   Epstein. Curious Works Press, 1992, ISBN 0-9633331-1-9
Apropos Patterns for Embroidery, Lace and Woven Textiles by Margaret Abegg
   Schriften der Abegg-Stiftung Bern im Verlag Stampf, 1978, 
   ISBN 3-7272-9005-6
98 Pattern Books for Embroidery, Lace and Knitting by Charlotte Paludan
   and Lone de Hemmer Egeberg, Rhodos International Science and Art
   Publishers, 1991, ISBN 87-87075-768
A New Modelbook for Spanish Stitch by Kathleen Epstein
   Curious Works Press, 1993, ISBN 0-9633331-2-7
Art of the Embroiderer (1770) by Charles Germain de Saint-Aubin, Designer
   to the King
   Los Angeles County Museum of Art & David R. Godine, 1983, 
   IBSN 0-87587-110-0
New Modelbuch (1568) by Nicolas Bassee
   published as "German renaissance Patterns for Embroidery (A Facsimile
   of Nicolas Bassee's New Modelbuch of 1568"
   Curious Works Press, 1994, ISBN 0-9633331-4-3


Donna Hrynkiw
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