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Thu Oct 30 20:42:29 PST 1997

Dear Donna-

I have a limited number of facsimiles available -- they are technically out
of print but I have a few copies, spiral bound,sitting in my closet.

(1)    "Flowers of the Needle" --(1985) This was published for SCA
audience, produced by  myself and all Italian text was translated by
Mistress Elspeth of Morven. It consists of xeroxed facsimiles of seven
Italian pattern books of the 16th century. These had been re-published in
Parma in 1878. The books reproduced are:

        Zoppino,Niccolo, "Essemplario di lavori..."  1530
        Tagliente, Giovanni Antonio, "Essemplario nouva..." 1531
        Zoppino, Niccolo, "Gli Universali del belli recami.." 1537
        Sera, Dominico da, "Opera nouva composta per Dominico.." 1548
        Vavassaro, Giovanni Andrea, "Opera nouva universali.." 1546
        Ostaus, Giovanni, "La vera perfeziona..." 1561
        Ostaus, Giovanni, "La vera perfeziona..." 1567

193 pages, $10.00.

Quite a few of the lovely charted designs, especially the ones from Da
Sera,  were redone and published by Kim Salazar /Countess Ianthe in "The
New Carolingian Modelbuch". Ianthe had very kind words for "Flowers", for
which Elpseth and I thank her.

I have 3 copies, and have already put one aside for you.

(2)  Hofer, Hans, "Ain New Formbuech'len der weyssen arbeyt"
This was republished in Holland in 1968. Most of the patterns are linear
rather than charted. 71 pages, $7.00 and I've only got one copy left. I've
put it aside for you.

(3) "Neu Modelbuch Darinnen allerein..." 1619.  This is not countwork or
charts. All the patterns are lovely linear designs, some of them very
military or "macho" with deer, arrows, hunting, etc. What is truly unique
and charming about this book is that actual real size patterns of
gauntlets, cuffs, collars, and coif pieces are drawn onto the page, and the
needlework designs are drawn onto them. Even the tucks for the cuffs and
collars are drawn in.  50 pages on long format paper (8 /1/ by 14") spiral
bound, $7.00. I will make a copy for you at Staples this weekend.

You have a great collection -- I had the chance to buy Abegg 11 years ago
and have been kicking myself ever since ( well, it was $63.00 at the
time...) I have almost all of what you have, and wish there were more
facsimile books available!

I am hoping for "Flowers of the Needle" to get back into print within the
next year. Once DH and I get new computer equipment (including a scanner)
this may become feasible.

I am looking for someone to take over the Hofer book and the 1619 book. I
just don't merchant anymore and they need to see the light of day. Anyone
here interested in taking them ***FREE***  off my hands? There are some
pages of German, so if anyone can translate they can then copyright it and
own it, as Kathy Epstein did with Nicolas Bassee.

- --Kathryn
SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn
"too many centuries..too little time"

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