HNW - Facsimile Patternbooks

Laura Shumar lshumar at
Thu Oct 30 22:57:26 PST 1997

Kathryn -

If you're not already swamped with requests, would you PLEASE put a
copy of "Flowers of the Needle" aside for me?  Just let me know where 
to send a check, money order, or first-born child :-)

To let you know why I'm interested (and make this interesting for
everyone else), I've been interested in Assisi work for a long time
now, but only recently saw SCA period examples.  I've been working on
reproducing some of the stranger stitches, but now I need patterns,
as I'm terrible at design.

Now I just have to figure out what to *do* with the stuff...all the
pieces I saw were called "covers," but I'm not sure what they
were meant to cover.....

      lshumar at


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