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Fri Oct 31 05:48:40 PST 1997


        Greetings!  I have recently joined this listing and have enjoyed all
the topics under discussion.  Finally thought I could add a little info for
Donna H.  Happily, Kathryn G. had book info of interest to me!
Dear Donna,
        The Scarlet Letter advertised in their supplement #7 to Catalog #8
some 16th & 17th century pattern books available from Falconwood Press.
These appear to all be pamphlets redrawn or recharted from original texts by
Susan J. Evans.  They are:
        Counted Thread Patterns from Nicolo Zoppino's UNIVERSALI of 1537, $8
        Counted Thread Patterns from Nicolo Zoppino's ESEMMPLARIO of 1530, $12
        The Needles Excellency, $12
        Embroidery Patterns from The Schole-house of the Needle by Richard
Shorleyker (1627), $12
        Counted Thread Patterns from The True Perfection fo Design by
Giovanni                 Ostaus (1567), $12
These appear to be a bit high in cost especially after reading Kathryn's
post but perhaps you might want to add the ones she didn't cover.
Dear Kathryn,
        If at all possible, I would love to get a copy of your "Flowers of
the Needle".  When I got Kim Salazar's "Modelbuch", I searched through it
trying to find a means of contacting you regarding a copy.  If still
available, please hold a copy for me!  Also, the "Neu Modelbuch Darinnen
allerein..." 1619.  Will gladly remit to cover the costs.

        I too, was introduced to Abegg only after it was impossible to find
a copy and I have heard glowing reports of the Art of the Embroiderer (1770)
but not seen it.  Hope to hear from you.     paula <lairdf at>


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