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What a delightful story!  Are you getting any pattern sources at all from
Russia or the Ukraine? Are there books available on the topic there?  I
understand that it is not, shall we say, a consumer-oriented economy (and thus
unimportant things like needlework books might not be widely available). 

 I understand that the Ukrainian pulled and drawn thread work is stunning -- I
have only seen some pictures.   Is the Russian style the same?  Similar?  Can
you tell?  Only derived from the de Dillmont book?  

I'm currently taking a class in Ukrainian Openwork embroidery through the
Embroiderer's Guild of America (EGA) as a correspondence
course.  I'm  making a Ukrainian-style shirt.  The embroidery pattern I plan
to use is from Nicolas Basse's Modelbuch (1563?) -- the Kathleen Epstein
publication. It has all the elements of the Ukrainian patterns, arranged in a
demonstrably SCA-period manner.  I figure it will work both as ethnic and as
historic.  I've just started, and am laying down the nastyluvania  (sp?)
stitches of the pattern now. 

How long have you been working on this with your teacher?  Does she have
historical examples?   Sounds fascinating.  Keep us posted!  :-)

Melinda Sherbring

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