HNW - Drawn Thread

Charlene Charette charlene at
Fri Oct 31 09:38:05 PST 1997

John Ordway wrote:
> Hello all -- I'm new to this list and have just had the time to read vol. 7-10 in my digest forms.  If there is any way to get archives -- I'd love to know.

Glad to see we were finally able to get you set up for posting!  There
are no archives available at this time.

> If anyone else is doing drawn thread work, please speak up -- I don't want to hog all this space again. <gg>.  Can we gabber on and on or are we supposed to e-mail people privately?

As long as the conversation is relevant to the list, post to the list. 
If you wish to go off topic, then please take it to e-mail.

- --Charlene, list administer

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