HNW - Late18thC knitted bag

Margaret Bolger Margaret_Bolger at
Wed Apr 1 16:26:40 PST 1998

I wondered if anyone can help?

I have just acquired a lovely late 18thC reticule/bag which I will soon be
offering for sale (once I have my website finalised!)
I'd like to know a little more about it first, so would appreciate any
information you can give!

The bag is opened/closed with a drawstring, and is stitched onto a circular
base.  The body of the bag is knitted, using a very, very fine twine
(string) - almost like a hessian thread.  There are panels of plain
knitting and then panels of open-work lace effect.  It is stitiched to form
a "tube", one end being the opening, the other stitched to the (straw?)
base.  The body of the bag has some embroidered flowers, which have been
stitched over both the knitting and a template of the flower shape.  The
coloured embroidery thread seems to be similar to the fine twine used in
the body of the bag! The drawstrings are the same fine twine, ending in
solid tassels of the same colour and thread as the embroidered flowers.

I have scanned a couple of jpgs of the bag.  Please e.mail me if you would
like to see them!

**Any information about the bag, the thread used, the pattern/technique
would be very welcome.


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