HNW - Blackwork!

Elizabeth A. Proudfit libbet at
Sat Apr 4 16:37:25 PST 1998

Good question.  WHat to use when doing blackwork. Hmmm

I have used aida cloth (never again, but good for first counting project),
I have used even weave linen, dress making linen, and linen cotton blend
(the last because it is a chemise and I break out from to much linen, the
collar will be lined with 100% cotton).  I have used both silk and DMC,
single strand.  Silk if I think I will use the item in competition, and DMC
if I'm going to wash it alot.  Technically, you should use a blunt needle
if you are counting, so you don't go through the threads. I use a sharp
needle if it is not counted.  Remember, if you are not usuing even weave
fabric, and are counting your pattern will probably be tall and skinny in
one direction, and short and fat in the other.  I just work this into the
pattern.  I have now given you no answer and many answers to your question.


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