HNW - silk embroidery floss

Cynthia Long keltia at
Sun Apr 5 05:26:59 PDT 1998

> Several people have discussed using silk embroidery floss on
> projects.I have bought Madeira silk floss but need help  in using it.
> I have been told so many ways that I'm now confused.Do I wet it
> before embroidering and use only short lengths, about 6-8" I was told
> by one source.

You are truly going to get several different opinions on this.
Two reasons for the shorter lengths is one, it doesn't tangle
so easily and two, that your thread doesn't fray and/or break
where it goes through the needle's eye.  Some folks, especially
those interested in preserving needlework, claim that saliva
will rot the thread and anything it touches including the fabric.

I say what works for you is fine!  Those who deal in nevers and
always are usually wrong.  For me, I use about a 15-18" length
of *any* fiber, the only exception being blending filament or
gold/metal threads.  I spit on the end but usually clip it off
but because it makes the thread stick, not because I am worried
about preserving my work.  I have stuff that is very old and 
doesn't seem to be in any worse shape because of it.


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