HNW - Re: New project!

Irene Davis idavis at
Sun Apr 5 20:40:48 PDT 1998

Greetings! I have really been enjoying all the info that is shared 
regularly on this list, and I wanted to let everyone know that a small 
brainstorm not only solved a problem, but improved a chemise! I have 
had a 100% cotton chemise now for about a year. IT is incredibly 
comfortable, but when I made it I cut the neck just a bit too big, and 
then it stretched a bit. I was debating how to solve this problem - 
drawstring? pleats? when the topic of smocking came along. Soooo, the 
neckline is now neatly smocked in honeycomb pattern, white on white, 
and it is back where I want it! The effect is really quite nice. I 
hadn't smocked in about 5 years, so it is not totally perfect, but the 
general effect is very nice. Thanks for a great solution!

Yours in Service,

Eirny Thorvaldsdottir


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