HNW - Is anyone there????

Lynn Downward downward at
Mon Apr 6 00:50:40 PDT 1998

>>Haven't seen any posts in several days, anyone there???
>>Kassandra NickKraken
>Hi Bunny. I don't know about anyone else, but *I'm* here. The list does
>seem rather quiet...
>So I guess I'll pose a question...when doing Blackwork, what materials
>do people use? DMC floss, silk floss, cotton weave fabric, linen, what
>kind of needle, etc...? I'm thinking about starting to do some, but have
>no idea what kind of needle to use, or even what kind of fabric to do it
>on. (I've gotten as far as black silk floss on some type of white
>fabric, but other than that...)
>Lady Catriona Rowley
>Bryn Gwlad, Ansteorra
Hi,  a lot of the blackwork I make is for cuffs, collars and sleeve
decoration on clothing that will get heavy use.  My concern there is
durability and bleeding.  For these particular items, not for something
decorative, I use Coats & Clarks' Buttonhole twist.  It's strong, has a
sheen and I could boil it without fear that it will either bleed or shrink.
The designs in the buttohole twist also stand up to the heavy cotton I use
for the shirts and the Aida cloth I use for the collars (my husband's beard
is quite rough and the collars wear after a few years anyway).


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