HNW - TI article rejected! :-(

Connie Carroll Connie.Bunny at
Mon Apr 6 07:18:29 PDT 1998

Dear List-

Just thought you'd like to know that my article on Assissi work within SCA
time period, submitted over a year ago to TI, has been rejected by the
current editor,Lord Valentine.

Would you believe it was because my article was too scholarly???? :-O  It
seems that TI is trying to become a journal that encourages how-to over
research. . A pity-- my good friend Lady Mathilde, who edited it,said it
was a good article on how to do research. Oh,well.

Once I hook up my scanner and learn to use it, I may go back to working on
a book for SCA publication on the subject -- at least a small pamphlet. I
have tonsof patterns from the earlier volume by Freida Lipperhide, but I
reallly don't want to have to rechart them as it could take a long time. .
Oh, well....

- --Kathryn
SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn

I can only saw what  a shame that your article was rejected as I'd 
love to have seen it. I thought TI was for everyone, not just the 
scholarly inclined. As long as we aren't writting about Elves being 
period or something along those lines I am disappointed that they 
would take this attitude. I for one love reading articles from fellow 
SCAers and I do not judge whether they are "high rated" articles or 
ones that they have put a lot of effort and love into compiling for 
all of us to read and learn.

Kassandra NickKraken

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