HNW - Knitted Stockings

Judy Schroeder nieka at
Mon Apr 6 12:07:23 PDT 1998

The new issue of TI has reprinted an article about recreating Eleanora's
knitted stockings; I had read it before.  I am not sure I agree with all
of the author's conclusions; for example, the photo in Rutt's History of
Handknitting shows a long knitted strip that I suspect was the garter.
Anyway, these are on my list to make for myself someday.  
My question is;  some time ago, on this list or another, I remember seeing
a comment that Rutt had misread the italian, or it was mistranslated, and
the stockings were not crimson silk but wool.  Does anyone else remember
this comment?

Judy Schroeder
nieka at


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