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><re: Blackwork> what materials
>do people use? DMC floss, silk floss, cotton weave fabric, linen, what
>kind of needle, etc...?

In situations where I would normally use a strand of cotton floss, now-days I
use a length of DMC tatting cord 80.  It has a stronger twist, so is "harder"
than the stranded floss, and fewer "hairs"  to contend with.  I find that when
I pull floss apart (holding one strand firmly, the other strands loosely, and
just pull), the little hairs on the strand seem to be more noticable in
blackwork than in cross stitch -- probably because the contrast is greater in
blackwork.   I also use thicker threads when I want to show a heavier line,
rather than doubling up the number of strands of floss (or tatting cord).
Perle Coton 12 is a good slightly heavier weight, and has a nice sheen. 

I hadn't heard anyone suggest tatting cord yet, so I thought i'd pipe up.

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