HNW - Messy wrongsides

Linn Skinner skinner02 at
Mon Apr 6 17:21:09 PDT 1998


I've looked at a fair number of "backsides" in museums and they fall into
two categories (1) articles done in workshops under economic pressures of
time are seldom neat.  If you don't trip on the loops you are lucky  (2)
articles stitched at home are far neater and in the 17th century when band
samplers became the vogue, the double-running designs that were seldom
(unless at cuff or collar) done reversible when used on costume, were
beginning to be nearly always reversible when stitched on samplers.  With a
caveat however.  The 17th century samplers have a good many more "double" or
compensating stitches than we would consider appropriate today in order to
achieve reversibility.



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