HNW - TI article rejected! :-(

Donna Kenton donna at
Mon Apr 6 17:56:26 PDT 1998

At 02:18 PM 4/6/98 +0000, you wrote:
>Dear List-
>Just thought you'd like to know that my article on Assissi work within SCA
>time period, submitted over a year ago to TI, has been rejected by the
>current editor,Lord Valentine.

Too scholarly?  For an educational organization?  Am I missing something

For the record, life gets a little weird when editors change.  When I
stepped down from TI, the first three issues were all filled with stuff
that I had rejected.  Not only is there no consistency between editors,
there's no consistency in the focus of the magazine itself.

I need to shut up now before I say anything really stupid.  TI is still my
baby, and it's been years since I was editor.  I try not be biased, but...

Donna Kenton/Rosalinde De Witte * donna at *

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