HNW - TI article rejected! :-(

Irene Davis idavis at
Mon Apr 6 23:09:16 PDT 1998

Greetings Kathryn!
>Would you believe it was because my article was too scholarly???? :-O  
>seems that TI is trying to become a journal that encourages how-to 

I find this amazingly ironic since my greatest complaint about TI has 
often been its lack of scholarly accuracy! Do it yourself is fine, and 
I love those kind of articles, but how can you "do it" and be 
moderately accurate if you don't have the scholarly research?!?! It 
reminds me of a gorgeous "viking tunic" that I saw this past weekend. 
The cuffs, collar and bottom edge of the tunic were embroidered in a 
lovely pattern, in a classic Viking style. The only problem was that 
the tunic was made of a white fuzzy knit polyester fabric. The handwork 
was gorgeous, but the fabric! Someone actually had the ----- to enter 
this in an A&S competition. I couldn't believe it! Thank God it did not 
win! I wish there was a scholarly journal for SCA research, where 
people who want to know what was really going on could submit and 
publish real research!

Yours in Service,

Eirny Thorvaldsdottir

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