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> I wish there was a scholarly journal for SCA research, where 
>people who want to know what was really going on could submit and 
>publish real research!

I think the _Compleat Anachronist_ series was founded to try to be and do jsut
that.  However, they have a once-every-two-months deadline, and can only
publish what they have.  Sometimes what is available to fill the publishing
obligation is not particularly scholarly.  And sometimes it fills a specific
niche very well indeed  (the CA on German embroidery is better and more
complete on that topic than anything I've ever found elsewhere).  I doubt if
the editor(s) have ever rejected something for being "too scholarly". 
Yes, the quality of the research is (let us be generous) sometimes uneven --
but the people doing the research are generally not academics or scientists,
And that is not a bad thing.  I think it is a Good Thing when ordinary folks
have a place to publish their research, too.  Learning is not just done in

The other drawback, perhaps, is that CA requires articles that are longer than
what are found in TI.   But the booklet can be made up of articles by several
people -- such as the Scandinavian textiles and names one, the Armorial
Display one, or the Seams Like Old Times excerpts. 
 I encourage everyone who wants the SCA to have a scholarly journal to submit
articles to Compleat Anachronist.  We will all be richer for it.   I am not
officially associated with the magazine, but I've written one CA and pulled
together articles for three others.  I also have a couple more ideas I'm
looking for people to research and write (as well as three more of my own that
I have been writing in my spare time <whatever that is! :-)  >

Kathryn,  would your Assisi article and the two of mine I sent you long ago
play together nicely as a Compleat Anachronist booklet?  Do you know anyone
else who has written about Renaissance Italian voided embroidery, or how it
was used, that would fit with these articles to fill up a CA?  

Just a thought,
Mistress Eowyn Amberdrake, Caid 
(Melinda Sherbring, Los Angeles)   EowynA at

(note to non-SCA folk: "TI" is _Tournaments Illuminated_, the quarterly
magazine that comes with membership, and "CA" is _Compleat Anachronist_, a
booklet series available by subscription, published 6 times a year (a schedule
sometimes more goal than fact)).

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