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Tue Apr 7 08:04:24 PDT 1998

Jacquie wrote:

*A friend of mine and I were talking about this yesterday and came with an
*interesting theory and I was interested in your opinion.  We thought it
*might come down to finances and deadlines.  People who were embroidering at
*home probably had less money and resources, so they had to be neat to
*conserve their precious silks and linens, etc.  Professional embroiderers,
*although I'm sure they also were interested in getting the most from their
*materials, were working more from deadline perspective, so that as the
*deadline neared, the neatness on the back became less of a

I think you have made an excellent point, and probably got the
point of the matter. I've noticed this myself - if it is a labour
of love, you can make it as perfect as possible; but
professionals would not have the time to do this. There is a lady
in my area who embroidered a piece for her husband so exquisitely
that it is quite difficult to tell the front from the back; there
is slightly less colour on the back, but that's about all. And
the items was not intended to be reversible...

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