HNW - Assissi article

Lynn Downward downward at
Tue Apr 7 01:02:32 PDT 1998

>From:          "Debra Cobb" <dcobb at MAIL.MEYERNET.COM>
>The West Kingdom Needleworkers Guild (SCA)  issues a newsletter 3 times =
>and would be most happy to publish Kathryn's article on Assissi work in =
>our June issue.  Please e-mail me at dcobb at  We would =
>be most happy to send a copy to you.
>Couldn't read the rest of your message but I would love to know if
>non-West Kingdomers could subscribe to the West Kingdom Needleworkers
>Guild newsletter.
>Kassandra NickKraken

I'd also like to know if a non-SCA'er could subscribe.  I left the SCA in
about 1977 and have been too busy doing other things to rejoin.  This _CA_
and the WKNG publications sound really interesting though.  Could you
please let the group know if it's possible and how?  Even a "no" would be
appreciated.  Thanks.


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