HNW - Messy wrongsides

Larsdatter, Karen Karen at
Tue Apr 7 13:43:50 PDT 1998

You can find one heck of a messy backside in Liz Arthur's EMBROIDERY 
1600 - 1700 AT THE BURRELL COLLECTION.  On page 78, they show the 
reverse of a tent-stitched panel depicting the story of David and 
Abigail.  It is amazing that it could have been worked so precisely 
on the front, at about 45 stitches to the inch, and yet the back has 
all kinds of carry-over threads, knots, and nasty bits in general!

Of course, what the author *wants* you to notice is how vivid the 
colors are on the back, as opposed to the somewhat faded front ... 
but it's a valuable thing to look at nonetheless ... makes me feel 
better about my current projects ;)


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