HNW - Knitted Stockings

Nancy Gilly / Philippa Grey philippa.grey at
Tue Apr 7 17:39:03 PDT 1998

I have tried a sample piece for these stockings, (if I ever have time, and
if I can find a good photo of the heels), and I found that 000 needles and
good old Knit-Cro-Sheen crochet cotton gave a very good gage for them.  I
have not tried the pattern in the TI, but don't trust Rutt for the lozenge
pattern.  At one point he says two purls, and you can tell from the picture
that it is three.  When doing the knit 2 together for the eyelets, it
seemed to work best if you reverse the twist on the stitches on the second
one; it makes it more symetrical.  
Has any one seen a good photo of the heels?  The photo in Rutt is excellent
for the pattern sections, but the one heel is rotted out, and the other is
very neatly folded up so I can't tell how it was turned.



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