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In reply to your question regarding the Queen's Treasure Chest (SCA
related), several years ago Mistress Jania of Call Duck Manor came up with
this wonderful idea for collecting handmade items over time, storing them in
a wooden chest,  and making them available on a moment's notice to Their
Majesties for presenting to others during their royal travels near and far.
Since needlework takes some time, this gives us time to create without a 2
week deadline, allows us to do the work at home, and encourages
participation from Guild members who may not be able to make it to many
kingdom events.  Both Arachne's Web and the Needleworkers Guild have
participated in this activity and this happens to be the primary project for
the Needleworkers Guild this year.  Since there are 14 kingdoms (I think???)
now in the SCA, we try to collect things in groups of 14.  For instance
Jania created a needlework pattern for fan pouches and we're trying to
collect 14 of these for Her Majesty to hand out.

Lady Christian de Halocombe has created needlework kits (fabric, thread,
needle and pattern) for various items such as velvet pouches that people can
also make for the Threasure Chest.  Other ideas are pincushions and

Both Jania & Christian have tried to come up with ideas for items that are
easy to pack into a suitcase on long travels such as from California to
Australia.  Hope this description helps.
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> needleworking an =
>item for the Queen's Treasure Chest, teaching classes at a West Kingdom =
>event, making favors for the Apprenticeship Program, etc.  If you wish =
>to be a non-member, please send $3.00 to West Kingdom Needleworkers =
>Guild, c/o Debra Cobb, P.O. Box 22, Lockwood, CA 93932.  My phone # is =
>408/385-3040.  Again, thank you for your interest and we look forward to =
>hearing from you.
>Could you tell us more about needleworking for the Queen's Treasure
>Chest? This sounds like something we might like to do in other
>Kingdoms - if it isn't already being in some I don't know about.
>Kassandra NickKraken
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